Tuesday, February 28, 2012

kumihimo and wine

now that i have mastered the "round" kumihimo disc it was time to tackle

the square version

once my friend carmi gave me the "coles notes" i was good to go
an hour later i had enough to make this double bracelet for my niece


easy peasy or so i thought until i was invited for dinner and crafts

at my friends house, we should have opened the wine after the demo!!lu made a wonderful meal !!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

encaustic class

for today's class it was all about texture and glazes

first i covered the board with pages from a science book

once i chose a color palette of greens, yellow, grey and blue

i add light washes of color so that some of the paper would show through

circles, drips and a tracing wheel highlighted with burnt umber oil paint

cheese cloth and oil paint to create more texture

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

texture challenge part 2

another wonderful submission from eden for my texture challenge

a few people asked about my project so above i have all the elements i used
2 of my photos, 4 of the encaustic textures found on my flickr page
some text and a clipping mask from shadowhouse
below right and left are variations using different blending modes
from the original middle project

so even when i think i have finished a project
i always go back the next day with a clear head and
play some more, you just never know what can happen
and a month from now, when i am bored or don't know what to work on
i will try adding another photo or some element
to change it again
i always save the pdf flie so i can remember what i did

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

texture challenge

for our 7th texture challenge i offered 6 of my encaustic textures

i love how they can change any photo

above i used 4 of the textures on 2 photos

with some text and a layermask from shadowhouse

Saturday, February 18, 2012

pin it!!!

OMG!! i love pinterest

my niece who spends hours on her phone told me about this

app for my i phone

you can find so much inspiration there

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

black and white ball

if you get a chance head down to

works of arts from over 30 artist

featuring all mediums

including one of my photos seen below

10 x 18 metalic print

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine doodles

i've been enjoying the sketchbook challenge so much

that i haven't stopped doodling (to move onto this months topic)

i find it very meditative

the site has lots of inspiration and going through some older posts

i found a tutorial on making valentine cards and envelopes

above. left my heart doodle and

the right variations in photoshop

here i did a full page in my sketchbook and used the envelope template
found at the same site

Sunday, February 12, 2012

playing around

a friend asked me "how do you start a project, how do you know what

photos will work, what's your inspiration"

i said "it'll be easier to show you"

so i quickly opened a photo folder and randomly grabbed 2 photos

layer them on top of each other and showed her all the blending modes

(she was already amazed on how good it looked but i said, wait there's more)

i opened 3 documents and 2 layer masks from shadowhouse

rearranging the layers , turning them on and off , and playing

with the blending modes i came up with the above finished project

sometimes it's that simple, most of the time i don't have an idea

i just want to practice, or experiment

if i think too much about it nothing gets done

and the best ones just happen

(above the elements i used in my project)

above, a screen shot of my project

below a few variations of the same project

"practice makes perfect" or so they say
every morning i sit with a cup of tea and play in ps
i usually spend 30 minutes, sometimes more
i never know what will happen and i'm always surprised by the results
the key is to just start and see where it will lead
and of course have fun

Friday, February 10, 2012

full moon

being a cancerian means i'm ruled by the moon

i always get a surge of energy and creativity before and during

the full moon but after its time to crash
(above, the view from my front yard,

the moon sitting low and very bright

since i didn't feel like setting up my tripod i got this wonderful shot!!!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

texture challenge

i take lots of photos at every stage of my work and love how they

make a photo come alive in ps

above, a simple tree photo and 3 of the below textures

along with some text and a frame

all of these textures can be found on my flickr page to download and use

if you would like to play along and share your work please e-mail me at

i will be posting results in two weeks so everyone has time to play along

Sunday, February 5, 2012

encaustic with supria karmakar

today i got to spend the day at wise daughters

taking surpias encasutic class

what a wonderful day, it was so nice to finally get to meet her

and get to experience her methods of painting

one thing i rarely do is play with the iron

i love the contrast of the very smooth, marble like top against the deep texture

Friday, February 3, 2012

toying around

i just signed up for susan tuttle's latest class

this will be my 6th class with susan and i am looking forward

learning these new techniques

its been a while since i have taken out any of my toy cameras

since going digital i always forget about them

plus finding film is getting harder and developing expensive

but i do love the unexpected images like light leeks and double exposures

but on a flip side i do have an iphone which can replicate some of these

now if i can just get the same apps for my computer to

use in ps i will be a happy girl!!!

above left, my holga camera, photo taken on my iphone using the

camera bag app holga setting (wow !!! that was a mouth full)

right, my diana f+ photo taken on my iphone, camera bag app light leeks

bottom, my fisheye, pop 9 , action sampler. diana, holga and quad

you can see some of my photos on my flickr here

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

late, lost and forgotten

not sure what happened with yesterdays post

i set the image size to large and got medium

and then i noticed i didn't add in my work

(above, a tree from my backyard, using grunge 1, duplicated using

multiply and overlay blending modes, then added grunge 4 and a frame)

as well , somehow marion's e-mail got lost??

i've had this happen before and wonder how many times

that i don't know about!!frustrating and sorry marion

(above her beautiful work using 5 different textures)

and our last second ( worth the wait) sample is from eden

(i was too tired last nite to add them in)

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