Sunday, September 28, 2008

vacation part 3

i really wasn't sure what to expect when arriving in philly
i didn't realize how much history was made here
i was pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful architecture
we spent most of our time in the old city near our hotel,
society hill just south and center city
it was an easy town to walk around and everything was relativity close
i would like to visit again
there is alot so see close by
dutch county, gettysburg and the barnes foundation
i have seen part of the exhibit when it came to the ago
we stayed for 2 day and then headed to hershey
where we bought too much chocolate
and visited the aaca museum
we drove for 5 hours straight to buffalo where we found
a great hotel and restaurant
we stayed in the honeymoon suite
with a jacuzzi, fireplace and king size bed!
the meal was fabulous and was included in the room package
the next day we did some shopping at the local outlet mall and headed
back to canada to see the falls and niagara-on-the-lake
all in all it was a wonderful vacation!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

vacation part2

we arrived at the otero b&b after lunch
and where happy to see our host marie
we are so lucky to have such gracious people in our lives
marie and her husband rick are the best! thanks so much!!!
on the suggestion from marie we headed out the 'lie'
to a little town called sag harbor
it was just what we needed, to sit by the water,
watching the boats and eating seafood
the town was filled with great restaurants and unique shops
i met some wonderful girls, toni and ava,
working on their echo-o-sketches
i still have mine tucked away, it was nice to see them
enjoying their art over a cup of coffee
the next day we took the train into manhattan
we walked around for 6 hours
first stop, the top of the empire state building,
this time i was prepared
i have a 15x zoom on my camera! i could have stayed all day
we zigzag our way throught midtown, found a great spot
recommended by marie,called metalliferous,
back to the garment district, through the theater district and
times square, over to rockefeller centre and central park!
we managed to see alot and only touch
a small corner of the island!
the next day we cover more ground in the lower part of town
all the way down broadway to little italy where they we having a 10 day festival
the streets were lined with vendors, mostly food,
the smell was amazing,
i wish we hadn't had breakfast and it wasn't time for lunch
we traveled through china town to the brooklyn bridge, all through the financial district
and 8 hours later we are back at penn station
to catch our train to long island!
i love ny
we decided to head to philly next
to be continued............

Thursday, September 25, 2008

vacation part 1

home at last
2397 km
1964 photos
4 hotels
1 excellent b&b
6 tanks of gas
some really nice people
too much junk food
lots of beer
and a good time had by all!

for a last minute vacation we ended up having a great time. i usually plan for months and know exactly what we are doing every day. this time due to some work related problems and wanting to see how my husband would fare planing a trip ( he was complaining that i always get to pick the destinations) we decided to drive around the u.s. . first stop the 1000 islands or as my granny would say "the one thousand islands" . what a beautiful spot, it's been several years since we visited and forgot how peaceful and relaxing it was. next stop lake placid, never been, and found that mirror lake was the view from our room. we sat and watched the moon come up over the mountains. our hotel was hosting a convention and we met some really nice people who worked for the village of freeport, vilma and denise, really lovely women who gave us some traveling info , which really helped with our trip. thanks ladies!! we also crashed their party and had a fun time. the next morning i got up with the birds and watched the sun come up and wondered along the lake taking some eerie shots of the mist, lake and wildlife. the town was small and quaint, i can't imagine how they would host thousands of people for the olympics. on our way out of town i found a few interesting trails in my national geographic scenic highways book, which took us through a small portion of vermont, massachusetts on the mohawk trail, and into connecticut, where we ended up in hartford for dinner and spent the night.

i was surprised how small hartford was and only spent the morning touring around the town , and managed to take a lot of pictures of the state capital building, which was completed in 1878 and located in bushnell park. great architecture.
our next part of the trip was driving to long island to visit my friend marie and her husband rick.
they were gracious enough to invite us to stay with them after a mishap booking on . Thanks to our wonderful hosts our vacation was a memorable one!
i have tons of more photos to go through
i will continue an account of our adventures tommorrow!

Monday, September 15, 2008

road trip

well i'm off on my vacation
touring around in our car
first stop lake placid
then on to nyc
and from there
where ever the road takes us
be back in a week or so

encaustic class

i had my second class today
the first was spent watching demos
today i got to play!
i've taken a one day class with claudine
but have never worked with coloured wax until today
it was a whole new experience
i can't wait to do more
so many ideas were running through my head
i got to finish several pieces
this series is my favorite
i did a transfer of a photo taken in AZ
i tried to make the wax look like a sunset
it was a good first attempt
it still needs work and another coat of wax

Thursday, September 11, 2008

upside down

i don't know if it's the having
too much on my plate
right now or the change in weather
but i'm feeling a bit off balance
i love the fall, the change of season,
cool mornings,crisp air and wearing a sweater
i just don't like what it brings
it's sad to see my garden die
so much work and so little time to enjoy it
i do like to hibernate in the winter
i will spend days making art and reading
making garden plans for next spring

Monday, September 8, 2008

first day

  • back pack -check
  • brushes -check
  • note pad and pen -check
  • working surfaces -check
  • awl -check
  • camera -check
  • subway token -check
  • lunch money -check
off to my first day at school!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

day tripping

i got to spend my day off "day tripping"
with my friend lennie
every once in a while we get in the car and go
each time is somewhere different
sometimes we know where we are going and
sometimes we let the road take us
in the city or to the country
we've found some interesting things along the way
this time we ended up on queen st west
lots of cool stuff to see and do
vintage clothes, galleries, restaurants and shops
and tons of grunge to photograph

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back to school

i'm a little nervous and a bit excited
i've signed up for a 12 week course
at the toronto school of art
i've taken many one day classes and
been to 5 conventions to take classes
but this is different
it's been 25 years since i graduated college
and i'm feeling really old
i'm sure i will get over it!!!
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