Thursday, November 27, 2008


six thing you might not know about me?
1. i've had two corrective surgeries on my jaw
2. my natural hair color is auburn
3. i have my degree in interior design
4. i love horror movies
5. i have a crush on the supernatural boys!
(i can't decide who's the cutest, oh..then there's 
the one from smallville, decisions, decisions)
and finally
6.thank god for "spell check" because
i can't even get 5 letter words right

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

photo journal

another great job by catherine
this months theme was
a photobooth layout

Monday, November 24, 2008


(a film by andrew zuckerman)
what does it mean to you?
watch this link
it will make you THINK
thanks to leslie for finding this

Thursday, November 20, 2008

encaustic class

i've been so busy , i forgot about posting
my latest
from my encaustic class
this week , i worked with some
coloured photocopies
adding them first and then working
with layering the wax
i also wanted to practice some texture techniques
i used painters tape to mask out the areas of the pictures
and tried to match up the coloured wax to go with the photo
it was fun and different from my previous work
i'm really enjoying this new medium and
with only 2 more classes left
i'm thinking i will take this class again
next semester
i have a lot more to learn !
the photos were taken in jerome, az

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a day of sharing words

"we get so caught up in the furry of our lives
that we forget the essential thing about art-
that the act of creating is a healing gesture,
as sacred as prayer,
as essential to the spirit as food is to the body
our creative work reveals us to ourselves,
allows to transform our experience
and imagination into forms that
sing back to us in a language of
symbol of who we are,
what we are becoming,
what we have loved and feared.

this is the alchemy of creation:
that as i attempt to transmute a feeling or a thought
into and artistic form that can be
experienced by another,
i myself am added to,
change in the process."
jan phillips
photos from my weekend trip to owen sound
it was truly a creative time which changed me
thanks to lk ludwig for starting this idea
(see previous post)

Monday, November 17, 2008

lovely idea

i've always thought "if we could all just use our "powers" for good",
this would be a wonderful world
i love the blog world and have found so many sharing, caring,
encouraging, and creative people
i've been hearing about this "idea" lately that
was started by a wonderful artist

A Day of Sharing Words
The idea:
We have words that touch us, move into our hearts and resonate,
creating a feeling, taking us some place- past, present, future-
perhaps some place we have never been and may never go,
but for whatever reasons, the words pulse in our blood.
Meeting new words, new poets, new poems,
new ways for my heart to beat, is an intruiging concept.
Want to go on this adventure with me? It will be easy to travel along.
Many of us already do this sharing; this idea is just to help us
find each other and hear the words we have to share.
The Date:
Wednesday, November 19.
The Plan:
on your blog, post a poem that moves inside you,
touches you, reaches you. (quotes and song lyrics welcome).
Include the author (or composer or musician) and source (book, album)-
perhaps also the amazon link if there is one. no explanation required,
no other revelation necessary.
One last thing- Perhaps add an image. a photo. a video.
a painting.a collage., if you would.
Come here to this post. Add a comment with your link.
I'll create a typepad page with the links,
so others can hear the rhythm of the words,
see the image and share in the experience.
The Request:
If you are intrigued enough, post on your blog about this
Day of Sharing Words- encourage your friends to post.
Who couldn't use a few new poems in their treasury or new songs in their hearts?
it's been a very creative and productive week
this past full moon really "kick started" me
i wish i could bottle it and keep it
for weeks when i can't seem to get started
i'm a really moody artist and thank the stars
that i am a "moonchild" and this one lasts some more
it's only 5 weeks 'til christmas(OMG)
and i need to make a ton of presents!

i've been playing with some of my owen sound
pictures in ps and really like the one above
it was taken on my nature walk
"alongside a field of birch trees ran a stream"
so reflective!

Friday, November 14, 2008

a week of hearts

it's been a whirlwind week
once i got home from my long weekend getaway
i taught a "heart" necklace class
i was lucky to have 3 really wonderful,
talented and patient women,
as my students
we spent the day creating and exchanging ideas
i was so please that they all made
a wonderful necklace to wear home
thanks girls! for making it a wonderful experience

Thursday, November 13, 2008

crashing waves

this past weekend was my

first visit to georgian bay

i really enjoyed the sound of

the waves crashing against the rocks

it soothed my soul

and amoungst the million rocks

i found this one
my favorite shot

back home

what an amazing view
just outside our window where
my friend dede and i sat and created art
all day long for 4 straight days!
dede was a card making machine
171 unique christmas card
while i worked on my jewelry,
got 2/3 through my afghan
and read 350 pages of my vampire book
we laugh and cried
told stories and teased
ate and drank
went for a great nature walk
i managed to take over 600 photos
where you can find just a few on my flickr page
all in all it was a great long weekend
thanks dede for inviting me!
i hope we can do it again soon!

Friday, November 7, 2008

R & R

all packed and off to the cottage
for a little r&r
and creating art
see you next week

Thursday, November 6, 2008

encaustic class

this weeks class was a huge success
i really enjoyed learning textures last week and
couldn't wait to do it again
i had this idea in my head all week
it took me awhile to figure out which three photos to use
this series was taken this summer on my montreal trip
i completely covered the background with some
pages from an old french book
added some coloured wax then the transfers
and then worked on the textured squares
i'm happy with it so far
not sure if it is finished ?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


as i'm raking the few leaves in my backyard
i can't believe it's fall
last week i woke up to see the grass
covered with snow
and today the temperature is 18c
for november that way above average
not that i'm complaining
it's just that i was all ready to say
goodbye to my garden
and now i'm wishing for spring
wouldn't it be nice to just "cut" out winter!
watch the season change from fall to spring!
i guess i have to move further south

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