Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the summer is coming to an early end
as i wonder through my garden this morning
is was sadden to see so many plants
looking like it was late september
a few shrubs are already turning yellow
some plants even looked burnt
and i was surprised to see that my fall aster
is in full bloom!!!
with temperatures reaching in the 30's c this week
it's hard to imagine that fall is on it's way
and as much as i love the fall
i will miss my mornings wondering through
my garden and enjoying my morning tea
photo taken in my garden this morning
played in ps and a layer mask

Saturday, August 28, 2010

food for thought

how people treat you is their karma
how you react is yours
wayne dyer
photo taken on my iphone
at the weekend market

Thursday, August 26, 2010

parking 101

one way to learn how to park!!
photo taken in paris this spring

Monday, August 23, 2010

fleamarket finds

we started out sunday morning

with the intention to drive to the clarence flea market

but when we got up at 6am it was pouring rain

with no sign of stopping

we decided not to make the long drive

so we headed to st. lawrence market instead

everything seemed expensive and we were disappointed

back in the rain

off went to busybee's to pick up a few magazines

closed, opening at noon--drag

back in the rain

off to the junction to find a few "junk"shops

all closed on sundays--damn

wait a minute we found something open

maybe the day won't be waisted

and luckily eric was working

he told us about

market road antiques mall
well we were planning a road trip anyways.....

before we left the store

i noticed a brownie camera in the showcase

then another and another

three more for my collection

a brownie reflex synchro

a baby brownie with original box

and a eastman bullet camera

that makes it 13 in my collection

Sunday, August 22, 2010

square foot show

opening nite at the square foot show

i was happy to see that one of my paintings was sold!!!
my friend ludgera's painting #53

with over 800 artist and 1500 works of art
it was a great show!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

jane doe exhibit

opening nite at
my encaustic teacher
jane doe exhibit

a series of encautic painting
wax sculptures and film of
women finding their voice

jane doe
"throughout time, the voices of women have been silenced by
gender, bias, war, poverty, racism and religious persecution
jane doe brings to life the voices of forgotten women who have
contributed to the framework of society, who carried on
traditions of their ancestors, preserved and carried on the
dreams of their generation in their hearts. i chose the name
jane doe as all of these women are unknown to us and yet they
have had impact on our lives.
i wish to honour them and to give voice to their stories.
all of these stories are true and are based on information
gathered from interviews with relatives, photos, letters and archives.
my hope is that this exhibit will give others the courage to
tell their stories"~heather gentleman
if you get a chance to stop by
the exhibit is on until
august 29th

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

counting down

with the start of the cne
it can only mean one thing
summer is almost over!!!
but before that we get to enjoy three weeks
of fun and games
concerts and shows
arts and crafts
and the food building!
"lets go to the ex......"
you know the song

Saturday, August 14, 2010

iphone fun

finally got a chance to download
my iphone photos

store front window

my friend ron and his art

fisheye peace

antiquing on queen

found heart
all photos taken using the
camera bag app
lolo, 1974, helga, fisheye

Thursday, August 12, 2010

mark your calender

it's that time of year again
the 8th annual
all the art is for sale
with half the proceeds going to
local charities
it is something to see
all types of work
of every kind of medium
like a giant
patch work quilt
they all seem to fit together
i dropped off 2 submissions for the show
see last years submissions

" i can see"
encaustic on board
12 x 12

" in the thick"
encaustic on board
12 x 12

side view
you can see the added depth
hope you get a chance to experience the show

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

red sky by nite

what a wonderful way to spend an evening
sitting at our neighbours yacht club
watching the sun set behind the scarborough bluffs

Sunday, August 8, 2010

taste of the danforth

is a great way to spend a day!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

bird with no feathers

on my country weekend
during my early morning tea
i heard something outside the door
i wasn't expecting a peacock eating cat food
i had to sneak out the front door
to snap this shot on my i-phone
then i realized he was missing all this tail feathers
so i went on a search

i found several
holding them up to the sky
i managed several shots

once i started playing with them in ps
it was addicting to see just what i could come up with
above several layers of texture and text

what i love about ps
is just a click of a button and
you can change one work
into something totally opposite!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

you've got mail!!

i just love the blog world
in the spring during owoh
we have been in a few on-line classes together
and have kept intouch through e-mail
today it was a wonderful surprise when
keith my mailman knocked on my door
"you have to sign for this one"
we both noticed all the wonderful stamps --9 in all
all the way from cape town, south africa
above, a beautiful work of digital collage on canvas
and lovely key chain
thank-you caryl

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

country weekend. part 2

a day in the vivian forest
823 acres in the north end of
whitchurch-stouffville five cowgirls and one city slicker
we could not of asked for a better day
and the ride in was wonderful and so peaceful
we wondered through meadows and farms
narrow sandy paths and wide ones too
up and down several hills

after 3 hours we finally reached the pond
what a great resting place
(i really do have to get used to "county time")
it takes me awhile to let go of the

hustle of the city

the horses seem to enjoy it more than us
3 paints having a "splash off"

back home 7 hours later
it was time to thank the horses for a
spectacular day

i am so grateful to have had this
lovely experience
a special thank you to
lisa for inviting me
and liz, erin, jerry and lorraine
watching out for me

Monday, August 2, 2010

country weekend, part 1

once i hit the dirt roads
i realize that the sky is bigger
i have to stop
to take it in
looking back towards the city
looks like rain

i could take photos of clouds all day!!!!

blue skies ahead

less than an hour from home
and i'm already feeling the calm

relaxing by the fire
tomorrow a day in the forest!!
stay tuned.......

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