Friday, August 20, 2010

jane doe exhibit

opening nite at
my encaustic teacher
jane doe exhibit

a series of encautic painting
wax sculptures and film of
women finding their voice

jane doe
"throughout time, the voices of women have been silenced by
gender, bias, war, poverty, racism and religious persecution
jane doe brings to life the voices of forgotten women who have
contributed to the framework of society, who carried on
traditions of their ancestors, preserved and carried on the
dreams of their generation in their hearts. i chose the name
jane doe as all of these women are unknown to us and yet they
have had impact on our lives.
i wish to honour them and to give voice to their stories.
all of these stories are true and are based on information
gathered from interviews with relatives, photos, letters and archives.
my hope is that this exhibit will give others the courage to
tell their stories"~heather gentleman
if you get a chance to stop by
the exhibit is on until
august 29th


Irene said...

sounds wonderful

Caterina Giglio said...

what a fab show!!

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