Sunday, September 23, 2012

back to school-encaustic class

where did the summer go??
i can't believe it was time to get back in the groove
but at the same time it seems like a long time since i've done any painting
it was nice to get out the brushes and wax out again !!!

today's class was all about texture
 inspired by all the pottery i found while visiting antique/flea markets this summer

i was forced to work with color combinations that i would never consider

and some colors i never use

lots of layers , scrapping and the mini blow torch gave this piece an interesting effect

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

free form crochet

 the first time i ever held a crochet hook i was 7
after learning the basics every barbie i owned had a new wardrobe!!
i moved on to scarves, hats and slippers and by the age of 10
i was creating larger items
i usually crochet in the fall and winter while watching tv
that way i feel like i'm not waisting time
while wondering through pinterest i discovered a wonderful coat
which lead me to a whole new world called
free form crochet
so i had to give it a try

i quickly discovered that there where no patterns to follow
just your imagination and a lot of shapes and flowers
using all kinds of yarns and just letting things happen
before you know it , i had this small purse finished
fully lined with felt
i have a pink one in progress, i will keep you posted

Thursday, September 13, 2012

two hats for sadie

this is sadie , my goddaughter
she is 18 months old and a joy in my life!
while wondering through pinterest i found a pattern to
crochet this wonderful hat
since sadie is just  starting to get some hair i thought
it would be fun to give her some instant long braids

i think she likes it!!
what a beautiful model

and as always one thing leads to another so i tried this
"cabbage patch" hat
too cute!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

local fleamarket

it was a glorious day in the city
cool crisp morning, sunny all day, good food and great finds

a few reminders from growning up

finish it off with cappuccino and meringue's at pascals

Monday, September 3, 2012

another DIY project

the only thing missing form my new living room
was a coffee table
after pondering several ideas i finally found the perfect solution
a little barn boards ( power washed first)  and hardware
some help from my neighbour
and a few hours later........

my new coffee table fits right in

a little leftover wood makes a great topper for my magazine rack/lamp
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