Friday, May 10, 2013

on the good days

last month, well at least i think it was last month,
(time is so confusing right now)
sent me this enormous gift box
filled with at least 20 balls of  the most unique yarns and all different
OMG!!! i was so overwhelmed with this wonderful and extravagant gift
and of course i knew what i was going to do
last christmas before i got sick i was having such a wonderful time
creating these wonderful free form crochet purses
that i knew it would be easy for me to do while in rehab
you just can't make a mistake
(no matter how many meds your on!!)

not sure if i will make another purse
leslie put the bug in my ear by saying
"can you make a jacket"
(i'll keep you posted)
thanks again leslie for lifting my spirits and keeping me from going crazy!!
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