Sunday, August 30, 2009

don't try this at home

or maybe you should???
last sunday before leaving the hotel
to go to the lynne perrella class
we turned the air conditioner on full blast
it was hot and humid and very sticky in ny
when we finished class we came back
to a "walk in" freezer!!
which was wonderful
quickly changed and grabbed my big camera
headed out for dinner
well we didn't get very far
when i saw something i needed to photograph
zoomed in, it was blurry
played with the focus, still blurry
OMG!! it's finally happened
"they" said it would
"someday your eye sight would just go"
i found something "up close to photograph"
still blurry
so i got out my little camera and took the picture
it was perfect
what a minute, i can see!!
looked a big camera again
it was frozen!!!
i cleaned the lens
and quickly with the heat
it was back to normal
i should have kept taking more photos!!!
these came out really cool!

Friday, August 28, 2009

shopping in ny

i'm not a huge shopper
but this trip, with the help from my friend ludgera
we managed to help the ny economy
one of my favorite stores is macy's (above)
they always have the nicest clothes and
there is usually a sale
a few books stores
kinokuniya, where i saw a display of
hand crafted tarot cards by tyran grillo
and barnes and noble has the
best arts and craft section
of course we spent a few hours in the ink pad
which is the smallest store i've seen and
has the biggest selection of rubber stamps
and related supplies
(stuff was hanging from the ceiling)
and the best staff
thanks to anna, dante and v
for hosting lynne perrella
eventually we wondered downtown to soho to purl
above, which was a unique little knitting boutique
and purl patchwork selling funky fabrics
from japan to england
just a few doors apart on sullivan st.

since our hotel was right in the garment district
we managed to go through half the stores!!
my favorite, m&j trimmings
lots of sewing accessories, ribbons,
buttons, trims, beads, etc....
above , tinsel trading company
which supplied a variety of
vintage and new,
rare and reproduction
trim, ribbon, paper, gift ware
home decor and more....
eventually we ran out of money

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

back tracking

i was so excited about posting my art
that i forgot to show how i got there
ludgera and i set out 5 am friday morning
it's a 8 hour drive to nyc
with delays at the border and traffic we figured
we would arrive in plenty of time to still do a little shopping
we some how avoided the toll road
which turned out to be a lovely drive
with lots of small towns and barns
one of the small towns called warsaw
looked like there was some interesting antique shops
but we where too early (next time)
we only stopped a few times
quick coffee and pee break!
we where excited to get to ny
well, just when we thought we where making good time
we hit a wall of rain!!!
we could only go 30 mph
and the wipers got a workout

and them the clouds parted
just as we where approaching nyc
then the wall of traffic!
since our hotel was on 38th
the closest entry point was the lincoln tunnel
well if we had known...............
one hour from the top of the ramp
to the light at the end of the tunnel
we did it
arrived save and sound
a little later than expected but
we still had time to make it to dick blick
and them wondered to little italy
for a caprese salad and pizza and beer

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lynne perrella class

i was so excited working in class
that i forgot to take a picture of
my canvas in the begining
first we layered on gesso
mixed in tissue and cheesecloth
then rubber stamps, stencils, tools
anything that would help create some texture
lots and lots of texture
once it was dry the fun began when
we started adding the paint
you could see the texture come to life
above: after a few layers of color

i spent so much time on the painting
that i didn't get time to add any images
and i didn't want to rush it
we folded it in to book form

i love all the edges

i still have to paint the back
which will make them pop

i've scanned the whole project and selected
some of my favorite areas
it's amazing how much texture and detail
is in every square inch
(click on the image to really see the detail)

this class was sold out
so they are bringing back
lynne perrella
for october 10th and 11th
check out the
ink pad
for details
a special thanks to
anna , dante and v

Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm back

and exhausted!!!!
i had a great time
learned some great techniques
met the most talented people
took lots of photos
did the most shopping in my life
(thanks to my friend ludgera)
and had a fabulous time
i'm so tired, i can't even think about unpacking
i just spent 15 hours on the road, with all the pits stops
i have to go to bed
but promise to show you
my art and photos tomorrow
above a collage of my photo of the park plaza
fabric, paper, gel tar and lots of stitching
done in a dj pettett class a few years ago

Thursday, August 20, 2009

all ready to go

i'm all packed and ready to go
i'm off the the big apple
with my friend ludgera
to explore, photograph and take a
lynne perrella class at the ink pad
i'm soooooo looking forward to this trip
above is a collage i created
a few years ago in a dj pettitt class
the photo was taken in nyc

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

inspiration from the garden

inspired by nature
born of the soul
blooming in my garden
globe thistle
layered in ps with latin text
and a ttv frame

Sunday, August 16, 2009

remembering when

my third submission for the awol
square foot show
the background is old paper, maps, sheet music
wax and oil paint and
a sketch of elvis i did years ago
as a photo transfer on top
the edges are typed out lyrics of
some my favorite elvis songs

32 years later and i still like listening to his music

Friday, August 14, 2009

square foot show

if you live in toronto
check out this show
it's hosted by the awol gallery
i'm heading there tonight for the opening gala
over 800 artists have submitted their works
maximum 3 per artist

it took my encaustic teacher heather
weeks to convince me to work bigger so to go back and work
on a square foot format was challenging

one of my works
bees wax, oil paints, wallpaper,
found objects and copper edges
distressed with liver of sulphur and patina

it was interesting to go back and recreate this one
colored wax, copper leaf and a photo transfer
framed with copper sheeting

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

august blooms

my back garden is three quarters shade
with all this rain i haven't enjoyed it much
the few sunny spots are blooming with
black eyed susans, shasta daisy, cone flower
and seen above
beebalm or bergamot
my favorite
it smells like earl grey tea!

Monday, August 10, 2009

rainy days

two good things about when it rains
one, i don't have to water the garden
which is usually an all day job
and two, i actually have an excuse
to stay inside and play in ps
above, white coneflower,
in my front garden
text from an old prescription
and a ttv

Saturday, August 8, 2009

baby update

"there's three in the bed and the little one said..........."

10 days old and just opening their eyes
they have doubled their size and are so cute!!!
momma is doing just fine

Thursday, August 6, 2009

cleveland part3

i finally got some photos loaded into my flickr page
above, the door on the court house

new and old

federal reserve bank

carnegie ave. bridge

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

more of cleveland

it's taken a while to go through
the 400 photo
zooming, cropping, enhancing the colors
and of course trying on every filter
here a just a few so far
above a view of tower city through
the tower city rail building

the federal reserve bank

key tower
and the fountain of eternal life
sunset at the "flats"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

cleveland rocks!!

i just came back from a long weekend trip
and have to say "i was pleasantly surprised"
thanks for our friends dan and maureen
we decided to this trip with them
what a great time!
there was a lot to see and do
besides the different neighbourhoods,
patios, food and live music
the city had some really interesting
history and architecture
i manage to take 400 pictures
the highlights of the trip was a 5 hour visit
no photos allowed
otherwise i could have taken a million!
they had a great exhibit on woodstock,
one for bruce springsteen,
motown turns 50
and memorial wall for michael jackson
plus all the regular exhibits
above , the r & r hall of fame,
hard rock cafe, street sign,
one of the many guitars found on the streets
and our lunch- beer and onion rings!
i'll post more photos tomorrow
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