Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fall scenes

its been awhile since I had a chance to just get in the car and wonder
 taking all the back roads and finding the best photo opportunities
a few weeks ago I planned a weekend trip to
I have only every been once and that was a long time ago
it has grown significantly in the past decade
featuring over 20 wineries
b&b's, antiques, arts and crafts
and wonderful sceneries
perfect timing, coming back from a tasting
just as the sun was setting
I would love to find out who hung this door!!

lots of barns

we only managed to visit 2 wineries
only because we had such a wonderful time
wondering the properties and taking photos
and of course enjoying a glass of wine

Monday, October 21, 2013

encaustic class

getting back into a routine is a great feeling
i've always felt that creating art is my form of therapy
and since my surgery i've wanted to do something that
represented my spine
so last week i got the idea for using railroad tracks
luckily there is a hobby store close to my home
once i chose my color palette the rest just fell into place
i just started creating texture
layers of wax and then scraping, back and forth
until i achieved the desired effect
once in a while i used my iron
im happy with the results

a few details from the above painting

Friday, October 4, 2013

knit or crochet, what's the difference?

when my friend carmi posted this on facebook
I had to laugh
some people just don't know the difference
and I guess I can understand when talking to certain friends
but my crafty girls should know, shouldn't they??
to me , not naming any names, one is fast, free and fun!!
the other takes way more patience than I have

since fall is in the air
my mind has turned to crocheting
on a trip to niagara region with my friend ludgera
i purchased some great yarn on sale for half price
one ball of yarn makes the perfect tube scarf

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