Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas

Merry Christmas
to all
and to all a good nite

Monday, December 23, 2013

last minute gifts

it has been a busy month
with life getting somewhat back to "normal"
I've also got the creative bug!!
(must be the full moon)
 I have a ton of jewelry supplies
and when I found a container filled with chandelier crystals
I got inspired
I think they work well with the pearls and metal

a few extra crochet projects
a change purse and zebra slippers for sadie
and just a couple samples of the over 20 encaustic painting i've  done
over the past few months

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dazzel it tassels

now that I've been getting healthier and feeling more like my old self
it's great to be presented with a challenge
my friend carmi sent out this package with some wonderful
suede tassels and cord  from the new dazzle-it line
plus a few jewelry components (left)
and one of my projects (right)
a number of beads added to some chain with the tassel
as always one project leads to several more
above I found 5 different styles of chain
wove some suede lace through the larger chain
and added the tassels to the ends of another
above I decided to use a macramé square knot
adding silver beads in between
I have more to work on so I will keep you posted
for more info on the dazzle-it line check out their blog or on facebook

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


happy accidents!
some days I start out with a great idea
I can see it in my head, sometimes I dream about painting
then when it comes to getting it onto the canvas it can go wrong
for some reason I was having a hard time
I just wasn't "feeling it"
after several breaks and almost giving up
I decided to give it one more chance
after layering and scraping
ironing and adding more color
more scraping and ironing
I finally liked what I was seeing
so I added a photo transfer
and after six hours of pure frustration
a beautiful painting
lesson learned
never give up
but more importantly

Monday, December 2, 2013

sari yarn

i'm always up for a challenge
so when I met my friend carmi for dinner
she was showing off her latest purchase from anthropologie
silk sari yarn
as soon as dinner was over we headed next door
to get some more and promised we would both make something
I decided to get out the crochet hook, beads, wire and chain
before long I had this necklace made
carmi made a wonderful braclet seen on her blog here
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