Wednesday, January 16, 2013

change in weather

i've been hibernating this winter, mostly due to a "popped rib"
its been a problem since late november and i've done everything possible to make it better
some days better than others
going a little stir crazy, watching too much tv and no art
on the weekend there was a huge change in the weather
temperatures reaching 13c 58f 
the 2 foot layer of snow on my front lawn is now completely gone
i decided to head out with my camera, i got as far as the bluffs near my house
the marina was filed with ducks, geese and this wonderful swan

i really wanted to play in ps  when i got home but sitting at the computer is difficult
so i finally "rigged" a spot on the couch, with lots of pillows and got some time to play
i found several interesting masks and bokeh at shadowhouse
a half and hour later i was happy with the results and getting a chance to create
now back to rest!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new beginning

happy new year!!!
wishing everyone a wonderful, exciting and creative new year
i'm not one for resolutions
i like to set goals
this will be the year of selfdiscovery
 who i am as a single person
 my true self
(through education and practice)
health and fitness
and creativity

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