Thursday, April 29, 2010


this is exciting news
my friend marie
is finally teaching what she knows best!!!
i once had the opportunity of spending
4 days with marie
learning photoshop,
types of printing and incorporating
them into mixed media works
we also spent a day
wondering the city taking photos
she has a keen eye and has taught me
that things you see on the street can
be transformed into something wonderful
with a few clicks of a button
marie is a pioneer in digital work!!!
long before anyone else
she was creating wonderful works of art
she is the best teacher
class starts june 14 and runs six weeks
i've already signed up
for the early bird special
$10 off if you sign up by april 30th

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i know this woman

well, not really
but it could be me or any number of my friends!!!
(probably ludgera)
while in paris i was wondering the 3rd by myself'
and turned a corner and saw this wall of photos
of course i went in for a closer look

cool idea
hundreds of photos
me and my dog
my feet to the beach
me in the mirror
me through the web cam
me and my first fish
... A great initiative of Gabriel Buret
as i followed the wall along rue charlot
i came across this photo store
that's where i found the business card
i laughed and said
"i know this woman"
the owner just looked at me

Monday, April 26, 2010

getting back in the groove

i'm finally feeling back to normal
thursday was a long travel day
i worked friday and saturday
and was in a coma all day sunday
just cat napping on the couch and watching
all my taped shows i missed while away
i had a wonderful time in paris
took 5507 photos!!!
i'll be busy for a while sorting through them
i start my encaustic class next wednesday
i think i will be doing a "parisian" themed series
using my photos and metal i found at the markets

above, a garden photo taken
on our way into versailles
thanks kim
for letting me know what kind of flower it is

Thursday, April 22, 2010

au revoir, paris!

our last treat in paris
lunch--i had the smoked salmon salad--
a hot chocolate for two
at angelina's
it was truly decadent!!!
the only regret

that we didn't have room for one of their pastries
many thanks
to all who followed along on my journey
and all your wonderful comments
hopefully you will be reading this as i am
flying over the altantic!!!
plan "b"
deciding on where to work
the market or the jewelry store???
stay tuned.............

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

versailles, part2

the hall of mirrors

it's all in the details

and accessories

marie antoinette's bedroom


now i understand the reason
for the revolution

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day onze, partie de versailles un

eruption disruption
if it wasn't for the volcano eruption
and our airline disruption
we would have missed versailles
the first hour was spent
courtesy of carmi my tour guide/chauffeur
in a little gulf cart
it was a "drive by shooting"
of how many photos can i get in
one hour without our leaving the cart!!!

one of many glorious fountains

none of which were working


the grounds were like a maze

carmi managed like a pro

the grand canal

a lovely day for a swim

my next garden project!!

one of the hundreds of statues

we spent 4 hours touring the gardens

tomorrow i will post the palace

Monday, April 19, 2010

a day at the opera

opera garnier
ceiling painted by chagall

a mix of neo-renaissance, rococo and baroque styles
both inside and out this is a beautiful building

it is also the inspiration for the

gaston leroux gothic novel

"phantom of the opera"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

extra days

thanks to the "iceland ash blume"
my stay in paris has been extended
instead of heading to the airport
this morning we changed apartments
and then made our way up to the antique market
a girl can never have too much metal!

a great poster from 1925
and this beautiful satin and "tatted" piece

it was a wonderful day

blue skies and 19 c

me and my shadow

Saturday, April 17, 2010

jour huit

i'm loving the flee markets
today we went to the
marche aux puces
a la porte de vanves
above some of my goodies
paper-bank note, advertisement,
hand written letter and stamps
lots of metal and
a brownie for my collection
this must have been a display for an art store

funny puppets
( lu, these are the french men i found for you)

some things need no translation

jour sept

one of my "must do's " for paris
cimetiere du pere-lachaise
i was in "grunge" heaven
out of the 832 photos
half are of the decay
i already see an encaustic series
coming out of these photos

inside one of the crypts

one of the many doors
after 6 hours we maybe saw one quarter
next time i will pack a lunch and take my time
to really appreciate this wonderful place

Friday, April 16, 2010

jour six

looking through my photos
2876 so far
i will have to spend some time
organizing when i get home
i will definitely have a
"door" series
"stone faces"

and "balconies"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

jour cinq

hotel de sully
in le marais

the view from the hill

a few shots from montmartre
it was a hazy day so
the view of the eiffle tower
was not clear but plenty of roof tops

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jour quatre

today we had a slow morning
leaving at 10:30 we headed up to montmartre
where i met sophie pasquet
my photo guide for the afternoon
i thought carmi could use the break
from the 1001 building quest

the main attraction

this neighbourhood is home to
artists, entertainers,
still windmills , steep stairs

and narrow streets!
today's photo opportunities 516
total to date 2041
a special thank you to sophie
for making it a wonderful day

3 weddings and a little old lady

on my travels so far
i have manage a few "people" photos
above, a couple on a tour boat in the seine
another on the pont de la concorde
this one
my favorite
on pont neuf

and this wonderful lady
people really know how to dress in paris!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

jour trois

today was all about the eiffel tower
starting at 9 am
we wondered along the right bank
looking for the perfect view
above the view from pont-neuf
the arc de triomphe du carrousel
and invalides
one of my favorite shots
from pont de la concorde
i played with my photo in ps
and liked the poster edge filter the best
i found the post mark somewhere in
my "collage items" folder
added the worn photo frame
and gave it a tea stained overlay

getting closer
the reflection in a window
at 29 rapp
right next to the tower
and another favorite spot
pont alexandre III
despite the cooler weather
and the grey skies
we managed to walk 15 km
and i took 810 photos
arriving back home after 6pm
a special thanks to carmi
for being my personal tour guide
(the only thing missing was a french accent)
and being so patient with all my requests
to find some of the 1001 buildings
that i wanted photos of!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

jour deux

today was flee market day
good thing carmi knew where we where going!!
it was worth the metro ride
to the top of the 18th
to experience the
some of the metal i bought today
i know these will be used as soon as i get home
i wish i could have these in my garden

after 6 hours at the market
we settled in our apartment
for a lovely dinner

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