Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm back

and exhausted!!!!
i had a great time
learned some great techniques
met the most talented people
took lots of photos
did the most shopping in my life
(thanks to my friend ludgera)
and had a fabulous time
i'm so tired, i can't even think about unpacking
i just spent 15 hours on the road, with all the pits stops
i have to go to bed
but promise to show you
my art and photos tomorrow
above a collage of my photo of the park plaza
fabric, paper, gel tar and lots of stitching
done in a dj pettett class a few years ago


Lost Aussie said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. It was wonderful to see you again! xxo

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oooooooohhhh, I can't WAIT to see/hear all about it. Have a good rest. Isn't it unheard of that you are tired :) Way to go Ludgera!!

Seth said...

It was so great meeting you on your visit Nancy. Cannot wait to see the pics from your day with Lynne!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Welcome home! Relax!

Chuck Dilmore said...

Ooo, Nancy...

Susan Williamson said...

I love this one loose and yet architectural.

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