Saturday, September 27, 2008

vacation part2

we arrived at the otero b&b after lunch
and where happy to see our host marie
we are so lucky to have such gracious people in our lives
marie and her husband rick are the best! thanks so much!!!
on the suggestion from marie we headed out the 'lie'
to a little town called sag harbor
it was just what we needed, to sit by the water,
watching the boats and eating seafood
the town was filled with great restaurants and unique shops
i met some wonderful girls, toni and ava,
working on their echo-o-sketches
i still have mine tucked away, it was nice to see them
enjoying their art over a cup of coffee
the next day we took the train into manhattan
we walked around for 6 hours
first stop, the top of the empire state building,
this time i was prepared
i have a 15x zoom on my camera! i could have stayed all day
we zigzag our way throught midtown, found a great spot
recommended by marie,called metalliferous,
back to the garment district, through the theater district and
times square, over to rockefeller centre and central park!
we managed to see alot and only touch
a small corner of the island!
the next day we cover more ground in the lower part of town
all the way down broadway to little italy where they we having a 10 day festival
the streets were lined with vendors, mostly food,
the smell was amazing,
i wish we hadn't had breakfast and it wasn't time for lunch
we traveled through china town to the brooklyn bridge, all through the financial district
and 8 hours later we are back at penn station
to catch our train to long island!
i love ny
we decided to head to philly next
to be continued............


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