Wednesday, February 1, 2012

late, lost and forgotten

not sure what happened with yesterdays post

i set the image size to large and got medium

and then i noticed i didn't add in my work

(above, a tree from my backyard, using grunge 1, duplicated using

multiply and overlay blending modes, then added grunge 4 and a frame)

as well , somehow marion's e-mail got lost??

i've had this happen before and wonder how many times

that i don't know about!!frustrating and sorry marion

(above her beautiful work using 5 different textures)

and our last second ( worth the wait) sample is from eden

(i was too tired last nite to add them in)


Irene said...

I love your backyard tree, adding your treatments makes it look majestic.

Lost Aussie said...

Love all the texture postings!

Karen said...

Thanks for posting all these Nancy. I LOVE thta you organize this. It makes me puts around :)

Joanne Huffman said...

I love seeing what people do with your textures, especially what you do with your textures.

Kat's World said...

Well worth the wait...all beautifully done!

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