Tuesday, February 21, 2012

texture challenge

for our 7th texture challenge i offered 6 of my encaustic textures

i love how they can change any photo

above i used 4 of the textures on 2 photos

with some text and a layermask from shadowhouse


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...
these textures
you are sending to us.
they just keep getting
better and better!
i love this challenge!
love, love, love it all!
thanks bunches Nancy!


bockel24 said...

Your encaustic textures are definitely my favourites! You can find the original photo of the fish window on my blog here:

Joanne Huffman said...

As always, your challenge has produced some great art. I love playing with your textures. And, I love seeing what you do with them. Your photo is full of mystery and intensity.

Deborah said...

Nancy, I so enjoy your textures and your challenges and thank you for your giving spirit! Your art for the challenge is absolutely fantastic, and I so enjoy seeing what you do!

Kat's World said...

Such beautiful textures...such awesome artwork!
Thanks Nancy!

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