Sunday, June 20, 2010

digital magic and paris

it's hard to believe its been 8 weeks
since returning home from paris
i've been busy going through
the 5507 photos taken there
i'm about half way
(i'm working on a slide show
so far ....167 photos)
i started my on-line class with
the first weeks projects have been amazing
marie is an excellent teacher
i've gotten my moneys worth with
just the tips and tricks
above, one one the projects for class
using a clipping mask and tape texture
created by marie
photo needs no explanation
for this photo taken in montmartre
we learned how to desaturate
and to use a layer mask to hide/ reveal color

for this project, photo taken at versailles
we used several texture layers
a gradient map and the dodge tool
the sky was a little empty so i added the map
i'm so looking forward to week two


Karen said...

These are amazing Nancy! I can't wait. It has been many years since I have been in Paris and mto go with my friend and with Zoe will be excellent!!


Fab digital work

Irene said...

Yes indeed, fabulous.

Joanne Huffman said...

great photoshop work (great photos to start with). I'm really looking forward to starting week 2.

Lost Aussie said...

Love the work you are posting Nancy. You are a quick learner, and always add your unique flavour to things.

Anonymous said...
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