Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more from the cemetery

for as far as the eye can see
there are
mausoleums, crypts and graves
at first you might think they are all similar
but each one unique
every door, handle, window,
architectural feature
have their own little details

the paths winds up and down hills
in all directions
every turn something more amazing awaits

one of my favorites
at first glace you think
"this ones really different"
as you walk a little closer
you realize how much detail there is

the bottom half of the door
is a grid of owls and flowers
even the patina was a work of art

the folds of the robe look like they move with the shadows

the mystery to see who it is under the hood
even as we peaked inside
we where amazed to find a staircase
going down
all the photos taken this spring at
see more from my paris trip here on my flickr page


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Gorgeous work. Thank you so much for this visit.

Teresa aka Tess said...

The detail and workmanship is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the peek at a Paris cemetary. To me they look like little outhouses all lined up in a row. And to know that each holds someones loved one or ones is indeed humbling. Your photography is gorgeous.

me again said...

Lovely cemetery photos from a place on my must-visit-sometime list! More please :-)

(My word verification is, believe it or not, olderho. I think I'm insulted LOL)

Joanne Huffman said... make me want to go to Paris.

Marilyn said...

These are wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

gosh, i they were great, those photos. Is this the very famous cemetery where so many famous souls are buried in France! How great you got to got. How even more wonderful you got to take some amazing images! Blessings Eden

starseasons said...

Who knew so many wonderful photos could come out of a cemetary. Just goes to show what we can see when we take the time to look with new eyes.

Susan Williamson said...

There's something so haunting about cemetary pictures ...I find looking at them is almost addictive. Thanks for sharing them Nancy.

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