Friday, June 4, 2010

blooming now!

things are really starting to happen in the garden
the honeysuckle is smelling so sweet
and both the weigelas are bigger than ever
even the spiderwort is out early

one of my favorites
layer mask found at shadowhouse


Irene said...

very nice. I'm out there tomorrow.

Shayla said...

Colombine is one of my favorites too. When I was I girl I called them 'fairy flowers.'

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Nice work! Both the garden and the photos! It's such a busy time of year keeping up n'est pas. Oh to ne in PARIS!

Kate said...

I love, Love, LOVE what you did with the Columbine! It's so artistic.

me again said...

Love that clipping mask! So cool :-)

Susan Williamson said...

Gorgeous images ...and thanks for the link to Shadowhouse.

Joy Logan said...

Yes this is a very nice one! But I found you looking for textures also...nice blog!

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