Monday, June 21, 2010

saturday nite iphone

when my friends said they were taking me to
see the lunacy cabaret on saturday nite
i wasn't sure what to expect
we arrived at zero gravity around 8 pm
luckily it wasn't sold out
the theme
the first perosn i notice was
anthony, seen above
or should i say i noticed
his 2 and a half foot afro first
"these boots where made for walking"
size 14 at malabar
or so i was told
i spent the hour before the show
taking shots of the audience

loved paula's peacock eyelashes

the silk show was amazing
there was also
a fire act
magic act
singers and dancers
you name it!!!!

angel wings meets gadiator girl

"sock it to me baby"
sorry i can't remember her name but
she reminded me of goldie hawn
all the photos were taken on my iphone
using the camera bag app
there are 12 different applications
i had fun trying them all
above are just a few of my favorites
i can't wait to go again!!!


Irene said...

How wild. You obviously had a good time.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I was sitting in the car waiting for The Professor at the GO Station and I had some time to play with this app. The subject matter for my photos was the Nissan logo on the steering wheel! It certainly is a versatile and fun app. LOVE the eyelashes, clever fisheye! :)

Caterina Giglio said...

wild and wonderufl!!

Lisa said...

You could take great photos with a cardboard box Nancy! These are wicked and wild! Love my iphone apps too..

Anonymous said...
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