Friday, January 21, 2011

daylight robbery solution

catching up on my blog reading since my technical difficulties
i was visiting my friend marie and her post out and about in nyc
it is wonderful to see how my friends spend their days
and her photos are always stunning
as i got to the end of the posting
i laughed at her conversation with her DH
"since when did a sandwich and coffee cost that much?"
DH goes..... "well, it's new york"
i go....... " it's day light robbery"
i'm sure i've had this conversation with my friends
out and about in toronto
sometimes you just want a quick lunch
soup and share a sandwich or salad
with a coffee or tea
and its $30-$40
well i'm here to tell you that sometimes you find a deal
or get your monies worth
even in a trendy neighbourhood
i take classes in the distillery every wednesday
and as a treat i will head over to the brick street bakery
above, left my lunch, a vegetarian with bacon!!!( i know. i know)
with a bottle water and a chocolate chip cookie for $12!
you can also get a blt for $4.50 /$5 with cheese
boxing day (turkey) $8
pulled pork $9

and of course they have all the sweets you can image

while i waited for my meal

i managed to get a few shots of some grunge with my i-phone

camera bag plastic

camera bag infrared


Lisa said...

the food looks good enough but what i really want is that bench!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Next time you're there, get me an eccles cake! The best in the city!

Caterina Giglio said...

great photos and so true about eating out!

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