Friday, January 7, 2011

new addition

my new baby, molly
she is 5 months old
has the same birthday as beanie
and is a maine coon

molly had no problem moving in
or adjusting to her new home
and was eager to make friends
beanie on the other hand was a little territorial
but once i reassured her she was still my baby
she decide to let molly know who was "boss"

soon, molly won beanie over
(which i knew she would)
and found her spot on the back of the couch


Lost Aussie said...

Oh My! How darned cute!

Sharon said...

Congratulations, Mommy, on the arrival of your new daughter. I'm sure Beanie and Molly will become fast friends. May you enjoy endless hours watching their antics. She's gorgeous, by the way.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Where in the world did you find a Maine Coon!!! I've always wanted one! Soon she'll be bigger than Beanie and then we'll see who's boss :) Congratulations on your new arrival. I love her.

Carmi Cimicata said...

he's a cutie! you better set up a bed and treat area behind your cupboard...looks like she took the spot!

justgilly said...

Oh Nancy.....she is adorable....and I am so glad her big sister now has a little (for the time being ...that is) playmate....can hard wait to cuddle little Miss Molly and Beanie! See you soon....

Cynthia Schelzig said...

What sweet cats you have!

Lisa said...

too cute Nancy...I love Maine Coon adorable and she'll be quite the big girl when she is full grown..lots of fur!! It's always interesting to watch the dynamic when a new kitten comes into a cat household..sometimes it can be very tumultous. btw, Beanie is my son's nickname and Molly is one of our dogs...

Joanne Huffman said...


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

They are both adorable..what a cuddly addition!

starseasons said...

Now how cute is that!!!!!

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