Sunday, January 23, 2011

OWOH coming soon

it's that time of year again
this will be my third time participating
starting next week hundreds of bloggers
will be linked on one site
it's a great way to meet "new" friends and
visit creative people from all over the world
if you want to see the details
visit lisa swifka at a whimisical bohemian


next monday i will be posting my giveaways for the event
so stay tuned.....................


Pamela said...

I'm going to give away a pair of wool socks. Or maybe silk. I have some gorgeous pink silk coming. Can't decide.

Irene said...

I liked participating last year, but this year, I don't know. Thanks for spreading the news.

Irene said...

Congrats on your ELEMENOPEA.

Unknown said...

I almost forgot, thanks for posting! I was hoping to join in this time and since it is the last one I will definitely have to try and find something to give away this week.

martha brown said...

I'm making my loot today :)

MarissaDW said...

I'm participating the OWOH. Haven't decided on what to giveaway. Can't wait to see yours.

martha brown said...

Hey, Nancy -- I am unclear on when it starts. Our buttons say Jan 30 -- but we are supposed to start anytime after midnight on Jan 30 (Sunday)I'm starting on Sunday..... but to me after midnight on Jan 30 means Jan 31..... confused and too into the fine print, aren't I??

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