Saturday, July 26, 2008

i love texture

after playing hookey yesterday i'm still feeling a bit blocked
but hopeful
i thought if i got out and just wondered i would find anges
i looked every where--the gym, the chiropractor, the big carrot,
everything to get my mind and body back into it
then i got myself lost, well not really lost but somewhere i've never been
what a peaceful place, just what i needed
historic buildings and a 9 hector wildflower preserve
i took a stroll through the woods
in the museum i met kelly, what a lovely person
i was so glad she took the time to talk to me and found we had a lot in common
and what a wealth of info
thanks kelly for all the help and making my day
i then wondered across the way to the brick works
a thriving environmentally based community in the don valley
that's where i discovery all the texture
i manage to take over 100 pictures of decay
well, i didn't find agnes but i came home inspired enough to do a posting


firstborn studio said...

how lovely these are,as is!

i hope you are well nancy,i can't wait to see how you incorporate these with your work!


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