Wednesday, July 2, 2008

fierce creatures

as i walked up to the parliament buildings in ottawa i thought WOW,
this is going to be good
the architecture is amazing and there was so much wrought iron
as i moved closer i could see more and more details, everywhere
gargoyles, coat of arms, owls, beavers, rams, indians, thistles, fleur-d-lis,
fish, frogs, and mythical creatures!
i think i will have fun playing with all these images
i posted these fierce creatures for illustration friday


janie said...

These are great, fierce yet somehow comical too. the stone masons really were highly skilled artists back then, could you imagine asking your local builder to pop a few gargoyles along the guttering while he's at it :)

Lost Aussie said... what the previous person said...I can barely get the gutter guy to get the downspouts right, let along some 'artwork' to the adventure!
Great fierce folk, I'm a sucker for a good gargoyle!

Daisy Church said...

Gorgeous images- nice to see a photo essay in an illustration friday entry for once! :D very lovely

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