Thursday, July 10, 2008

save polariod

i had the opportunity to take a polaroid transfer class at A&S virginia in 05
with my friend & wonderful photographer & artist terry berg
by lunch i was addicted and bought her day lab
i just love the unexpected things that happen and have had fun
discovering new things with this new medium
unfortunately "they" have decide to discontinue this product
looking at one of my favorite blogs denise lombardozzi
i found this link to save polariod
i just thought the more people know that maybe, just maybe
we can get something done
this photo was taken in jerome, Arizona while visiting my friend sylvia luna
on our way to the grand canyon


Carole said...

What a cool photo.

Lost Aussie said...

I am hoarding about 10 boxes in my fridge...I probably should use some of it before it goes off!
Great pic btw.

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