Wednesday, May 26, 2010

encaustic class

i just love how i start with one idea or intention
and then, with the magic of an iron or heat gun
the wax moves you in a whole other direction
happy accidents
i started out with several shades of caramel
rubbed in some green and umber oil paint
using waxed paper and an iron
i smoothed, moved, created bubbles
added more wax and oil paint
and then used the heat gun
finally a little more oil paint
i haven't decide if i'll add a photo
but definitely i will use this texture
for my photoshop class

this time i added some square pasta
flattened it with wax paper and the iron
the gaps with the pasta created a lot more bubbles
the red oil paint really shows them off

here i was tried to re-created a "rust" effect
i used loose leaf tea and brown wax to create some texture
layers of several shades of blue
and finally a little copper powder


Lisa said...

these are gorgeous...the first is my would make a great piece of a pendant with resin on top!!

Seth said...

These are phenomenal. The first (especially) and the third are just calling my name. Very loudly!

*jean* said...


Caterina Giglio said...

the first and third are just stupendous!

Irene said...

Only you could do this wonderful stuff, it has your signature.

Karen Burns said...

Whoa, I love the textures you are creating!

Anonymous said...

I love your encaustics. They are so cool.

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