Monday, May 31, 2010

layering it up!!

after a week in
susan tuttle on-line class
the first three lessons have been
all about layers and blending modes
above i used the texture i created
in my encaustic class last week
a photo of a tree, some text and a
grunge frame i found online

i added the tree photo on top of the texture
used the "screen" blending mode
the text was next
using the "multiple" blending mode
at 21% opacity
and finally the grunge frame
set to "hard light" blending mode
after i flattened it
i felt it was a bit too dark so
i duplicated it and
used the "screen" blending mode
i like taking on-line classes
it forces me to sit and focus
and play!!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

You are a star pupil! - this is lovely and makes me want to play digitally.

Lynne with an e said...

Using your encaustic work for a texture layer is brilliant. Gives it a unique feel. I took an online digital course awhile ago and have almost to be dragged away from the computer now. I'm afraid my paints are gathering dust. I'm just sayin'!

Seth said...

What a fantastic piece. Love the depth you have achieved.

Anonymous said...

its me again...just saying i too am loving this online class...its soooo much your images...i know i said that already, but i have to say it again...i love the written text addition...think i will try that too...blessings Eden

Irene said...

You are incredible.

Lost Aussie said...

Fabulous incorporation of all the media to create a wonderful composite.

Lisa said...

Nancy, this is fantastic.. your amazing pieces are the best advertisement for Susan's class!!

starseasons said...

This is sooooooo beautiful. I didn't take Susan's class this time. Working with her book right now. But plan to take the class next time she offers it. Her classes are always so well done. Again a very beautiful piece.

Marilyn said...

Really gorgeous.

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