Monday, February 2, 2009

one of those days!

have you ever had one of those days
where nothing goes right
i was so excited to get to class today
i had several "works in progress"and
a few new ideas to start
well, it just didn't happen
3 hours of getting frustrated
and just feeling like all my ideas
were not working out as i dreamed
so i have nothing to show for today
hopefully next week i will get my groove back
i think i used up all my creative "juices" yesterday
working on my mini collages for owoh
i finished a series of "angels"
seen above
wallpaper, one of photos, and
a transparency of an iron gate


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I had a bit of a day like yours today too Nancy. We'll just have to hope that your darling little angel is looking down over both of us as we sleep and bringing us renewed energy and enthusiasm on the 'morrow!
Sleep well and dream big.

Jona Panesa said...

loved what you said Leslie. that is inspiring.

Nancy, always remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel. and there's always hope.

Irene said...

I can't imagine you not getting anything done. But even Da Vinci must have had an off day. That the story of my life. I go to bed each day with a plan of what I'm going to do tomorrow and VIOLA not much happens. I've decided I do my best work at 11p.m. then I'm good to go. If I can keep awake that long that is. Love your angel and I KNOW they are watching over you. I so love my little book. Can't thank you enough.

me again said...

Sometimes I think I have those days more than I have the good ones! Hang in there, remember....patience, patience :-)

nancy said...

thanks girls, i always expect too much from every moment in my life that i forget to just "be".
i'm sure tormorrow will bring an new perspective and hopefully a little patience. thanks again for all your wonderful thoughts, nancy

Joanne Huffman said...

It looks like today is going to be one of those days for me. I really like your angel piece.


Lorraine said...

I felt like that after Christmas and I have only just got my mojo back in the last week or so..Perhaps you should have an early night and treat yourself to some pampering and relax and it will soon return

Susan Williamson said...

There's always an in-working before there's an out-working. I think you're just refreshing your groove.

Janet said...

I have those days all the time....but on my best days I couldn't turn out such beautiful art!

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