Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it's a new dawn, it's a new day

when i'm blocked or frustrated
i sit and look through my photos
with my itunes playing in the background
usually it's motown or r&r
this time it was my mellow playlist
maybe it was listening to michael buble's
"feeling good"
that inspired me
above is a photo taken of mirror lake
in lake placid, ny
last fall on a road trip
i got up with the rising up
wondered along the lake
me and the loones and a few joggers
the peaceful lake
it was so beautiful
today is my day off
so i will work on some art


Leslie Jane Moran said...

THE most amazing photos!!! I would never be up so early, so I truly appreciate your viewpoint. Wonderful Wonderful display.

Teresa aka Tess said...

such a peaceful dawn, such a warm glow. lovely.

Irene said...

O.K. I've never understood the "Upstate" New York phrase, what does that mean. Is it north or...

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