Thursday, January 22, 2009


i'm still overwhelmed with all the responses
from everyone participating in owoh
so to clear my head
i went for a walk on the beach
yes , i know it's -12c
but it cleared my mind
i got a good dose of vitium d
and the sound of the waves, soothed me
and i managed to get some great tree photos
when i got home i played in ps
i used a texture, a film strip frame,
some text and one of my tree photos
layered and played with the blending modes
so to clear so when i gotwhen whenwhei got h texture, my photo
and a film strip frame


Anonymous said...

It is a little overwhelming...but oh so much fun! I have read more blogs this week than I have seen my whole entire life!!!! I love your work! It is just splendid! So -12C? really? Dang! What's that in degrees? like 20? It is going to be 80 here today! But that's south Texas for you! it was 42 this morning and will be 80 at tell me, how the heck do you dress for that? hehe! Hope you have a great day!

Sue said...

Well, we are just a tiny bit warmer today, -2C (28F)
but supposed to get more snow YIKES!

Your rendition of your
photos is wonderful! I love the colours, the film
strip borders and the tree
silhouettes. Dramatic and
pretty both.



Jennifer said...

Oh, to live near the ocean!
Pretty cool ps work too.

This is my first year participating in owoh and I can't believe how many visitors I got!
I wonder how many will stick around as I'm not an "artist". Oh, well. I've found lots of new blogs to add to my reader.

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