Saturday, January 17, 2009

waiting for spring

during this deep freeze
i've been dreaming of my garden
because i work from home
i really don't have to go outside
i don't mind hibernating
i get a lot done in the house
cleaning and purging
organizing and re-organizing
my taxes are ready to go
i even have time to take up sketching again
only 62 more days 'til spring!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, I am the anonymous stranger that had a impromptu conversation about encaustic painting with you at Loomis sometime in December. I finally fished out the card you gave me and I have to say you have a truly marvelous blog. Youhave put alot of effort into it and it shows. I really enjoy your style of art. I look forward to taking my time and going through the massive amounts of curious things that you have on here :)



Tammie Lee said...

Ah, that is a lovely drawing! Sounds like you are in winter mode. Me too. Though I get out as much as I can, that is where I find great pleasure. You are inspiring, already have your taxes done!

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