Tuesday, August 26, 2008


mixed media monday's topic this week is recycle
i think artists are the best example of this
i know whenever i'm out, anywhere,
i'm always looking at things differently
nothing gets thrown out and all my friend
are trained to save "stuff" for me
i have one room filled with all kinds of things
from paper, maps, books, metal found objects,
wood, old material, lace, buttons
game pieces and boards, all kinds of "bits and pieces"

i recently started an etsy site featuring some of my jewelry
my first class was with richard salley
i had fun learning from him and really enjoyed his class
it's a great use for all your "junk drawer" stuff!
sometimes when i'm blocked go through
my stack of magazine pages
i usually save the ones with lots of texture or contrast
i just sit and tear the pages into strips and
then make backgrounds mixed with masking tape
and other types of paper
afterwards you can add paint,
stamp on images, whatever you like

a work in progress


Beth said...

Very cool, and wonderful to see!

Karen Salva said...

great job, love the work in progress. I too have given all my friends lists and recently bought a pendant for necklace some lady made from a piece that fell out from under her land rover.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Diane

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