Saturday, August 16, 2008

long live the king

when i was a little girl i loved to watch elvis movies
i think i've seen every one 50 times! really!
i told my mum "i'm going to vegas to marry elvis"
i was never a fanatic , just had a huge crush!
i started pencil sketching in grade school
mostly houses and scenery
i started portraits in high school and
once i left collage i wondered into other mediums
once in a while i would pick up my pencils and try "my hand"
i found this sketch in my portfolio case hidden away
it's at least 15 years old
and one of my favorites,
it captures him before the fame, before the army and
before his innocence was lost

and of course, i had to play a little in ps
trying on different backgrounds and blending modes
i still listen to elvis and love his christmas songs the best
i did get married in vegas to a wonderful man
and elvis showed up and sang
"love me tender", "i can't help falling in love"
and "viva las vegas"!
he was wearing his gold lame jacket


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