Friday, August 15, 2008


today's the day
the candian nation exhibition is officially open!
i've been playing with my old photos and wanted
to post this bingo card for a while
thanks to my friend marie
i used her "tricks" to fine tune this project
i've had fun experimenting with all the tool and techniques
so many variations, i love photoshop
with a click of a button you can instantly see what you are thinking
i remember the old "cut and paste" days
going through tons of photocopies and markers
and hours of getting stuff wrong
i was hard at first -- learning photoshop
but now , with some help from my friends and a little practice,
i think i've finally turned the corner and feel more confident
i know that i've only scratch the surface but i have a better
understanding of what i can do and what can be done!
and i'm not as scared!!!!
posted for mixed media monday


Anonymous said...


Amy H. said...

Fabulous! Love the carnival images especially the ferris wheel and the bright colors are great. I want to learn photoshop someday. I'm still a tactile girl. I want to touch my projects.

Dawn said...


RedLan said...

so colorful!

Femmy said...


Janny said...


Lucy Edson said...

I love PS, too! Great digital collage!

Gillian .... said...

Great digital collage, so colourful.

Carole said...

great piece. so bright and eye catching.

Anonymous said...

Great piece - but don't forget - when you post something on Mixed Media Monday, you need to put a mention of them on your blog, with a link back to us. Thanks, Diane

Heather Robinson said...

Let's go to the Ex!! What a vibrant wonderful use of a bingo card....and a fabulous piece that fits so well with the numbers theme! Ah, I'm thinking of the CNE as we speak...can you tell I'm a Canadian?

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