Tuesday, January 10, 2012

texture challenge

i love texture and one of my favorite places to find it is on

telephone and hydro poles

some of the best grunge around

especially if they have been covered with hundreds of flyer's and tape

metal poles have the best rust

if you would like to join the challenge

download the textures from my flickr page
have fun playing with them

and if you would like to share your finished project

please e-mail me the results by next tuesday

and i will post them on my blog


Deborah said...

Your great Nancy, thank you!

Caryl said...

Hi Nancy :o) wishing you well for 2012. I think these textures are amazing. I haven't been doing any digital work or encaustics for so long... must get back into it. Please drop in for tea http://carlee-dancer.blogspot.com/

Rosie said...

Hi Nancy!
Loved playing with these so much and I shall probably keep them as favourites. I've blogged the photos:


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