Tuesday, November 8, 2011

texture challenge

for this weeks texture challenge i couldn't decide so i am posting 6!!

photos(left) where all taken at the fleamarket

textures(right) after enhancements in ps can be found on my flickr


use one or all, play around and have fun!!

above(top) i used all 6 plus some text


i will be posting results in 2 weeks so there will be lots of time for experimenting

please email your results and i will post them on my blog


thanks for playing along


Lost Aussie said...

Lovely image Nancy! Great textures too. I hope everyone has fun playing.

deborah said...

I'm excited and look forward to playing and your image is great!

Joanne Huffman said...

oops, I posted mine yesterday. I guess I'll just have to play some more :) Love what you did with your image.

Geri said...

What a gorgeous image!

Rosie said...

LOVE that image Nancy! Wow! I love the look of these and am so going to have fun with them... You have inspired me to "blend until I drop" recently, so I am heading over to collect your lush textures - thank you very much! =)

Terrie said...

Wow - thanks for sharing these delicious textures. I can't wait to play and post!

CATHY said...
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CATHY said...

The image is SO beautiful. I would slap a quote on there and use them as my holiday cards!

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