Monday, November 1, 2010

step by step

my friend ludgera and i have been working on some ps projects
she is just learning how layers work (she calls it layer soup!!)
so to help her out we e-mail back and forth photos and projects
learning how to adjust each layer as we go and most importantly
playing and learning something new
lu sent me a photo of the last full moon ( left)
(we are both cancerians and ruled by it!!!)
i added a purple photo filter and flipped it vertically
and cropped it

a graveyard photo from salem, ma
and an old photo was one of many i found at the
old paper show a few years ago
i used the "color burn" blending mode on the graveyard photo
it made the purple a little too intense
so i adjusted the saturation
and added the portrait
and set the opacity at 50%

the image was starting to take shape but
was lacking a gory feel
i tried adding blood with the paint brush
but didn't like the results
if only i had some dripping blood...
well after a bit of thinking and searching

i found a painting i did several years ago
i liked the way the ink dripped
so i converted it to bw and erased what i didn't like
inverted it and added a red photo filter

it works well over the project
to finish it off i added a bat on the moon
and used "bleeding cowboy" font
see yesterdays finished project
also take a look at another one of my
halloween projects on my flickr page here

it's fun and challenging
working with lu
she is getting me to work on things that i
would not have tried on my own
thanks lu


ludgera said...

very smart to flip the moon vertically. I think I stretched the sky to the next continent to have the full moon in the upper right side. This weekly exercise is a good challenge.

Irene said...

You do work well together, we stretch ourselves with a friend.

Lost Aussie said...

Nicely done Nancy!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Wonderful composition!

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