Friday, March 26, 2010

new on queen

has arrived on queen st east!!!
it was always a trek to
get visit their old store in the west end
but now it's so close
the fabric and notions are great
but the things that caught my eye in the new store
was this mannequin
with it's feathered dress
and this one with the "lions" head

after a wonderful lunch i spotted this purse
and couldn't resist!!!


Teresa aka Tess said...

Why aren't there fab stores like this where I live? (Stomping my feet and throwing a hissy fit!) :)
Love that dress and the purse, wow!!

Sharon said...

I can see you in your feather dress, clutching your silver purse and camera, running towards the Eiffel Tower. Tres chic.

martha brown said...

I miss MacFab out in my end of the city... sob......your gain, my loss..... :)

starseasons said...

I wish we had a MacFab store in Arizona. It looks like a fun store

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