Wednesday, March 3, 2010

encaustic class

sometimes, i just don't know what to do in class
usually i have some thoughts or ideas and prepare all week
but this time i had nothing!
so for inspiration i went looking through my texture file
i have all kinds of photos i've taken

this metal sign i found downtown
( i usually shoot everything in sight)
you just never know what they will look like
after playing around in ps

with just a few clicks
i changed the brightness/contrast
and cropped it square

encaustic and oil
18 x 18
with help from my teacher
we figured out how to approach this project
for the background lots of cream, taupe and white
i used the iron to mix the colours, smooth
and create subtle texture all at once
i added the circles with the lid from a metal tin
and then mixed oil paint with lots of mineral spirits
and started dripping the paint

i'm not used to having to wait for things to dry
so i will add more paint when it does
so far i'm liking this new technique
i'll have to experiment some more


Caryl said...

Well this looks WOW so far.

Lost Aussie said...

Looks fab Nancy! Can't wait to see it's evolution.



Debby said...

Nancy, this piece is awesome, can hardly wait to see what you do next. Very unique.

Michelle said...

This is amazingly cool.

Paperfanatic said...

Nancy this is stunning.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous...this is outstanding Nancy! it's a masterpiece of color and texture!I love it!

Jo said...

Oooo intriguing! Love the way you have manipulated the original image and are now working with encaustic and oil... wow the addition of spirits in magical... looking forward to seeing how this creation develops.
Hmm know exactly what you mean about the frustration of 'drying time'... I sooo want to 'fiddle'!!!
Hugs xxx

Caterina Giglio said...

this is just soo very stunning! you are just the master!! love what you are doing!!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy,Wonderful, art is everywhere if you can 'see' it.
I've been working on some altered art luggage tags, just to get back into the techniques, shabby chic was easy, but grunging it up took some fortitude for me, until I thought about what my drawing plans looks like once they had hit the machine shop floor a few times and been trodden into the grease, peeled paint etc. Then I got it :)

Your Beautiful print came today, Thank you, its so beautiful, as I didn't want to ruin it by scanning. I will put a few pics on from your flicker including that one 'very small',with a link to your blog, if you would rather I didn't in the post, just contact me and I will remove them. Lindax


I found you from La Dolce Vita. I love the piece you made for Caterina and I love your blog. I shall add you to my list as I would love to come back and visit again!


Juliette Crane said...

hello! i am so happy to have found your blog. i love all of the different types of work you are doing and have been trying some encaustic paintings myself. i am delighted to be following your blog and can't wait to see what else you experiment with. best wishes, juliette.

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