Tuesday, February 2, 2010

crash and burn

it's been one hell of a full moon cycle
since last sunday
i haven't been able to stop
14 encaustic pieces worked on
9 finished
5 just needing a few little touches
so tonight it was crash and burn time!
a simple project
a map, some text,
a photo from my friends garden
and a stitched border
easy, peasy
off to bed


Irene said...

Oh my, I love it all. Keep on Keeping on.

Lisa said...

this is fabulous..i love how you are layering with text...you are so multi-talented Nancy!

Becca said...

Hi Nancy, finally had time to visit your blog from DJ's class! I love your work, and hope to try the encaustic work someday...I have the beeswax and warmer, but it just sits there waiting for me to "try!" Just like Photoshop, I'm slow at this stuff, but when I'm not working at my day job I love to bring out my "creative side!" I am following your blog...very inspiring!
ps love your little kitty from the Dec 09 post!

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful, as always. Now it's time to rest on your laurels for a bit.

Seth said...

Wow you have been busy!! Love this piece. You say it was "simple" but there is so much depth and layering here!! Fantastic.

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