Saturday, January 23, 2010

i love texture

it's amazing
a few simple photos combined
can make a great project in photoshop

i took a photo of some queen anne lace
overlooking the bluffs near my house
plain and simple

this photo of a lamp base in nyc
i think i take more photos of texture, grunge ,billboards,
metal, stone, the street etc............
than anything else

i cropped the photo
made it black and white
i'm sure i will use this texture again
and again

some text, inverted

and some stitches
i layered the queen anne lace ontop of the lamp base texture
used the "hard light" blending mode
i gave the photo some texture but it wasn't enough
so i added the text, it got lost , so i inverted it,
a little too harsh, so i use my eraser at 50% opacity
and it lighted some of the text
and for the finishing touch i added the stitches
simple but effective
nothing fancy
just layers and blending modes
and a little eraser
i've been working with ps for 5 years now
the first few years i just played with
the enhancements and filters
but once i found "layers" and the "blending modes"
i was hooked!!!!
like anything the more you "play"
the more you learn!!
and a little help from my friends
i've slowly been learning
"tips and tricks"
someone asked me recently
"where do you get your ideas?"
they just happen
i promised myself a few years ago that
i would make it a routine to sit every day
for 15 minutes at the computer
and if you know me --that's a long time for me to sit!!!
but i did, everyday
not knowing what to do
i just open a photo and play
and the next thing you know
something is created
sometimes it's good and sometimes
well, lets just say i learn from my mistakes!
but mostly it just evolves!
so....... take some time to play!


Lost Aussie said...

Nicely done Nancy! I think this is one of my faves.

Caterina Giglio said...

just beautiful! rich textures and visually chewy!

Lisa said...

this is such a refreshing and beautiful composition. i still need to better learn the layers part of ps..i need more practice and maybe a course too.

Joanne Huffman said...

This is a great piece. I think all the elements go together perfectly. I just made myself a bunch of stitched borders and brushes and hope to get to play later this week (I'm in the middle of another project right now).

Shayla said...

very pretty and recognizable as distinctly you.

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