Tuesday, January 5, 2010

finally, some snow!

a little snow is nice
everything looks so pretty and white
something very serene about it
wondering through my backyard
the birds are singing
it's not too cold
snow is light and fluffy
i like how it stacks up on the smallest of things
i wish it could stay like this
but back to reality--the front yard
have to shovel the walk and driveway
listening to the commuters
the white blanket turning to black
when i done i will definitely go through the backyard again!


Irene said...

Watch your back, while doing the front.

Anonymous said...

A little snow is always pretty!

Shayla said...

Your sculptures make a beautiful winter garden feature.

Joanne Huffman said...

I never really gave it great thought, but I like the "backyard" concept of pristine snow versus the "front yard" concept of dealing with the practicalities of shoveling and snow sludge idea.

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