Saturday, August 4, 2012


since my sofa and love seat  needed to be replace i thought it was a good time to redecorate
a lot of design stores are displaying a mix of old with new
 as i wondered along kingston road , my favorite store  had something in the window caught my eye
"if your looking for a sign this is it"
the next thing i know i was looking at fabric samples and ordering a sectional
which lead to a tv stand, table, curtains and  throw pillows
the wicker basket found at a local flea market makes a great magazine rack
and the bull's skull looks great above my fireplace
the red vase was the inspiration for an accent colour
one wall can have a huge impact!!
i love it, windsor red
it really make the white chairs pop!!
(i don't have a dining room so i'm glad the room is large enough to feature one)
the retro lamp and judy balance each other

my ladder shelf was a easy diy project (see my last post)
my next project will be a coffee table made of barn wood ,
 an old wood crate and some caster wheels
and a close up of my bulls skull, it looks like petrified wood

the curtains are so much fun, and work well with the white chairs
i love the flowered throw cushions and the tv stand will be a nice match to the coffee table
i'm so happy with my new room and really glad to see it all come together 


Irene said...

how do kitties like it?

justgilly said...

What a difference !!!!! Unique and totally you! Enjoy....looking forward to seeing your coffee table!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love it!

Karen said...

So when's the housewarming part ;)?

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