Wednesday, July 18, 2012

down at the five and dime

first stop on our road trip was east aurora, just 20 minutes south of buffalo!!
this quaint little town is host to lots of artizans and antique shops
but i think the best spot we visited was vidler's 5 & 10

this store had everything!! i mean everything
from the old grey rollers your mum wore grocery shopping saturday morning under her kerchief
sock monkeys, the whole cast from rudolph the red nose reindeer, lip balm is ever flavor under the sun
including lucky charms and betty crockers chocolate frosting!!!
 the garden gnomes doing the hear, see and speak no evil
raggedy and and andy and even hair nets!!
there was a card department, candy. clothing, toys , kitchen gadgets
and so much more!! it was a blast!!

i love this!

there was a wonderful hat department!! 
lu modeling the "loyal order of water buffalo's lodge hat""
my favorite charater from my favorite christmas story


Deborah said...

ya GOTTA love a five & dime

ludgera said...

I always had a soft spot trying on hats. There was no department store where I didn't stop - my mother can attest to that. But this was the best selection of hats for any occasion. Where would you wear a pizza hat????

justgilly said...

What a great store!!!!.....I remember those hair rollers so well!!!....and those sock monkeys!!!....always wanted one.....guess I know where to go now!!!

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