Wednesday, June 6, 2012

resin and wire jewelry

my favorite so far

on my last trip to   john bead   i bought several bezels with matching wire
my friend carmi gave me a package of the new jewelry resin by envirotex 
she also has a fantastic resin blog where you can find out all kinds of tips and tricks
i used some of my favorite photos to get me started and then used the resin
it worked wonderfully, no bubbles!!!
next i drilled some holes around the bezels and then they sat
i wanted to add the wire but with a twist, so i kept looking and deciding
finally a spark!!

one i started twisting i couldn't stop, the beads started flying and before i knew it
i had several done


Joanne Huffman said...

Way cool!

chippychick said...

How small does the drill bit need to be?? Nice work

justgilly said...

So different ......I can see a waiting list for these creations!

Anonymous said...

These are stunning! I found resin crafts yesterday from art bead scene. What a great blog!

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