Wednesday, May 30, 2012

knit, purl ....oh just give me a crochet hook

last time i visited my friend carmi she gave me this
knit and weave loom kit by martha stewart
the idea is an old one i remember from when i was a kid
and i think it was a lot more fun then
i just don't have the patience i used too
(carmi did have fun making these wonderful flowers)

it took me all day to start a few samples so carmi could display them while
on the shopping channel
when i got home i found some red yarn and thought i should actually finish something
so i started a scarf, it too me several(5)  evening just to get 6 inches done
and finally the "knitting tool/hook" broke!!
thank god, just give me a crochet hook and i'll have a whole scarf done in one nite!!!


ludgera said...

I am totally in love with crocheting. Everything fits in one small zipper pouch and I am off to go. Check out the new crochet hooks from Clover. Every size has a different colour soft hand grip. They just got released June 1st.

Maalai said...
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