Friday, March 4, 2011

brownie collection

i can't remember when i got my first brownie
somewhere along the line i ended up with 15
i only buy one that is different from the ones i already have
on wednesday i found 2 i didn't have
(above, brownie hawkeye , duraflex II and holiday)

brownie bullet i found that came with the original box price tag $2.60

8mm movie camera and starflex


starluxe II

brownie 127, baby brownie special,
starluxe and fiesta
i also have a starflash, reflex synchro, square bullet,
regular baby brownie and a starflash

the fiesta camera came with the orginal box, a flash and film inside
what a surprise, i wound if i should have it developed??


Lost Aussie said...

Cool pics of your great collection!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I had no idea there are this many different brownie cameras! Oh YES, have the film developed!! What fun.

Sharon said...

What a fabulous collection. Before the renovation, my local Swiss Chalet had several vintage Brownies on display as part of the rustic decor. Wonder what they did with them. By all means use the film. Those old films last a lifetime. Mind you, you won't know if they've already been exposed and, if so, you could have some interesting double images from your own point and shoot sessions.

WrightStuff said...

Ha, you got me. When I saw the title of this in my blogroll I was expecting a post on chcolate brownies!!

Lisa said...

what a fab collection...i love your Brownie bullet!! I've acquired a few old cameras too but nothing like your awesome should definitely have the film fun

Susan Williamson said...

Oh these are just the absolute coolest! (Imagine paying $2.60 for a camera). Unfortunately I'm old enough now to wish that I'd saved my Brownie from childhood. Why not get the film developed Nancy? It could be something interesting.

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