Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the apprentice becomes the teacher

way back in the '90's (so long ago)
i remember when i got my first computer
what a deal, i went to the ibm warehouse and got a
computer, printer and scanner all for $3500
i had the intention to scan all my photos, crop them in ps
and print them off to make greeting cards
simple right..............
well, after much frustration and wanting to throw
the whole thing out the window
i happened to mention to a then client my problem
lennie, who was someone i always talked about art with,
asked "how can i help?'
long story shorter..... one visit lead to another
and before you knew it i was a scanning, filing, printing machine
eventually our visits turned into classes and a friendship
starting with picture it and then photoshop
thanks to lennie's patience ( lots of patience) and
wonderful teaching skills i got the hang of this whole computer thing!!!

now, my friend ludgera who has been struggling with ps
has been asking me lots of questions
and now i have become the teacher
(now i really appreciate all of lennie's help!!)

ludgera sent me this photo

wanting to know how to make it look grungy

since i love a challenge and to sit and play
i added 6 layers on top of her photo
trying on every blending mode and adjusting
the opacity and erasing here and there
above, my finished project
a screen shot of my work
lu's original photo and
the six layers i added on top
5 from shadowhouse and some text
i do remember that there was times when i just thought it was too
hard to learn, overwhelmed thinking that i was never going to"get it"
and struggling with all the "geeky" stuff
plus i'm sure a few tears where shed!
12 years later, here i am...........
still learning, you can never know it all in ps,
thanks to lennie, marie and susan
plus lots of articles and books
i happy to be able to help someone
keep calm
carry on


Irene said...

aren't you sweet giving thanks like that. I've had a few hissy fits with my computer, I know of what you speak. I'm not a good student though, so I think even Lennie couldn't help.

ludgera said...

you spoke from my heart.

me again said...
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me again said...

Sorry about that ... I hate typos!

As I was saying......

I remember that very first computer "lesson". To say that you've come a long way would be a complete understatement! I mean, just look at you now...wowzers! You've gone from being a frustrated computer novice to a digital whizkid. I'm so happy to have helped you along the way :-) and I can't help but be proud that I've contributed in any way to the wonderful digital art you create and the skills you're now sharing. You see ... patience pays off! LOL

You're a generous, creative soul; please don't ever change that!

Joanne Huffman said...

You are a PS Enchantress!

Lost Aussie said...

You have always been a wonderful and enthusiastic student, so it's lovely to see you being the teacher now!

starseasons said...

Lennie helped me out too. She is wonderful.

Marilyn said...

So nice of you to share your experience with us. I feel very fortunate to have come in contact with Susan and Marie (and also Lennie). I have learned so much from all of them. Lots of hard work has paid off for you. Your photos are terrific.

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