Wednesday, October 7, 2009

encaustic class

inspired by the fall colors of lake placid
and browsing through bridgette guerzon mills blog
i went looking for some leaves to use in class today
i like the effect of layering the leaves
in between several layers of clear wax
which gave it a "fogged" look
detail from the center work
layers of orange , red ,
creme and copper leaf
then the bits of green
and finished off with sienna "wash"


Unknown said...

These look wonderful. I have been intrigued by encaustic painting. I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at a few books. I looks like lots of fun. Messy but fun.

Anonymous said...

so pretty!

Shayla said...

Neat! So does the wax preserve the color and prevent the leaves from drying up?

Lisa said...

love the beauty and ethereal quality. i have a fresh stack of maple leaves i collected yesterday flattening under a pile of books...

Seth said...

Stunning! And just perfect for autumn.

Irene said...

fabulous, as usual.

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